Monday, 27 July 2015

Motivational Monday - Body Confidence

I just got a sudden urge to talk about this after seeing a post on Instagram. My friend posted a picture of herself in just bra and underwear with a caption explaining that its not summer so she can't pretend she's hot but she's posting the picture because she's feeling confident in her own skin.

Obviously at first it was quite a shock because I could never dream of doing such a thing but then I got used to it and feel immensely proud of her. Body confidence like hers is something to be admired and I know there will be people who will give her hate for it, saying its "slutty". Last time i checked it was none of their business what clothes she is (or isn't) wearing. Shaming girls for having body confidence is something that needs to change, and living in such a controversial, judgemental society makes it hard to love yourself. It's really important to remember that body confidence is something to strive to and you should never feel like other people are defining how you feel about yourself. You are beautiful!

I thought I'd include some quotes that help me when I'm finding it hard to embrace and love my body.
Happy Monday!

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